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IP Locator What’s New

Release 4.0

  • Resolves both IPv4 and Ipv6 addresses to Country/City/region and ISP.
  • Queries run much faster in the new optimized server, averaging 300
    to 400 IP searches per second.
  • Now, History is locally saved in a Sqlite database. This will allow customized
    data mining by power users.

Release 3.50

  • Deals properly with the new IP Location server, which nearly doubles the query rate,
    now at between 300 and 500 queries per second, depending on internet conditions.
  • Now, the database contains over 10 million IP ranges.

Release 3.20

  • Improvements on the proxies settings. Previously, authentication was not dealt
    with properly. Also, automatic settings from Internet Explorer can now be
    automatically imported.

Release 3.1

  • Compatibility with Windows 10.
  • A few small fixes.

Release 3.05

  • This is another maintenance release, the most important change is an option for Searching duplicate IPs in the same list.

Release 3.02

  • This is a maintenance release which fixes a small number of non-critical issues, related with:
    • Purging history database
    • Updating registry entries after ending the redirection to back-end server for maintenance on the main server.

Release 3.0

  • This release makes use of our latest ISAPI web server, which features significant improvements, namely speed up to 10 times faster.
  • Includes a set of statistical tools which will analyse historical search data.
  • Data entrance can be done in five different ways, including dropping files or text.
  • Search rate can reach values over 100 queries per second, real value is displayed in the status bar in real time.
  • Many other improvements have been done, which you will notice if you are familiar with the previous version.

Release 2.1

  • Full Windows 7 Compatibility.
  • Dpi awareness.
  • Centers on screen instead of on desktop.

Release 2.0

  • Full Windows Vista compatibility.
  • The configuration file has been removed, all configuration is made through the Registry. This is more relevant for ActiveX or .Net development than for a normal use.

Release 1.8

  • Provides access to databases using DBISAM 4 format. The old databases are no longer being updated and will be removed any time now.

Release 1.7

  • Added a VB.Net sample and two ASP.Net samples (one of them uses the COM server, the other uses a .Net assembly).

Release 1.6

  • Added CSV Export (Comma delimited) to IpLoc.exe, this allows the search results to be directly imported into Excel and other programs.

Release 1.52

  • Automation Server debugger issue within Delphi Development environment.

Release 1.51

  • Setting AccountCode through the Automation Server could fail in some cases.

Release 1.5

  • Added WYSIWYG printing.
  • Added load IPs-from-text-file capability. The IPs may be mixed with other text, the software will retrieve them.