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AWRC Pro (Atelier Web Remote Commander Pro)

Latest release 14.7

This is the only software in the World that can connect to other computers without installing any software on the remote machine.  It seems impossible. We thought that as well! But this is just the beginning of a long story…

AWRC Pro allows you to remotely gather and manipulate more information  than remote privileged users can dream about. It is by far and large the most powerful remote audit and inventory software you can find. And with its great set of tools, you can do virtually anything on the remote system you can on the local system.

AWRC Pro is a must-have for System Administrators and Helpdesk personnel. Recommended for a range of special remote access requirements, from Intelligence to Parental supervision.

When full power is the minimum requirement, you need AWRC Pro…

AWRC Pro capitalized in more than 10 years experience of AWRC and came up as a completely renewed product, featuring amazing new features such as:

  • Only software in the World that can remotely access Remote Desktop (and Citrix) sessions.
  • Only software in the World that can connect to, view and control Remote Desktop/Terminal Service Sessions and Citrix Apps.
  • Capability to record movies even on motion detection.
  • Remote Console (if you know what is PsExec, you have the idea).
  • Full Unicode Support, even for Zipping and Unzipping.
  • Lists Installed Programs, Updates and Hotfixes.
  • Runs remotely as 64-bit on a 64-bit operating systems.
  • And almost 100 more…

Comparing AWRC PRO with other remote access software

FeatureAWRC PROAll Other Remote Access Software
Direct Connection without previous installation of any software on the remote computerYESNO
Access Remote Desktop (RDP)/Terminal Services and Citrix SessionsYESNO
Remote ConsoleYESNot available, or just a simple command shell.
Session Video Recording with optional audio comments.YESNormally not available.
Image QualityBest possible (WYSIWG)Usually poor
Registry View and EditionYES. Full Viewing and Edition capabilities in real-time. Access to all built-in user account Registry hives without credentials. Visualization of secret keys.Not available or clunky access through the Windows network registry facility.
Access to File SystemYES. Resolves symlinks and junks, downloads, uploads, zip, unzips, renames, deletes, copies and moves. Allows launching of files under any account.In every case less comprehensive.
Audio EngineYES. Fully controlled from client with device selection. Suitable for various purposes other than Voice Chat. Allows recording.Not available or basic.
Remote System InformationYES. Covers almost every aspect.Does not provide or pretty basic, even when specialized in remote inventories.
Network Information and Network ToolsYESNot available or very basic.
Full Desktop ViewYES. You can see all monitors at the same time in multiple monitor systems.NO
Connect simultaneously to multiple remote computersYES. You can connect simultaneously to multiple remote system by launching separate AWRC PRO instances. This way is much more performant and informative than swicthing from inside a single application..Variable.
SecurityYES. Can be configured to comply with every organization's policy, even the most restrictive.Variable.
Automatically runs natively as 32-bit or 64-bit on the remote systemYES. A unique network detection method, allows it to launch and run as 32-bit or 64-bit, depending on the remote Operating System bitness.NO
100% native, self contained, compact, not bloated, safe code engineYES. The .Net Framework is not required at all and there are no external dependencies or libraries you must download to make it work. No plug-ins at additional cost. No crippled entry level releases. No exploits ever found. Extremely low size and low memory usage.Mostly NO
Unlocks the remote computer without password. Wakes up from screen savers with logon screen without password.YESNO
Extremely powerful forensics toolset, able to judge quality of passwords and trustworthiness of applications/OS facilities that offer themselves to store passwords.YESNO
Access to Online Database of more than 5 GB records in order to access weakness of Windows login passwords.YESNO
Supports IPv4 or IPv6 connections.YESNormally not.
Near real-time performance without kernel mode drivers.YES. You can even watch movies and hear their sound track on the remote computer.Without drivers, there are not. And these can not capture sound like AWRC Pro does.

Comparing AWRC PRO with AWRC

Access to the remote computer desktop enabling the launch of software with the mouse or keyboard.YesYes
Does not open any ports – it is absolutely transparent to any firewall, providing the Microsoft Networks operation is not blocked by the firewall.YesYes
Works within the company’s Microsoft Networks LANs and across the Internet.YesYes
You can launch multiple instances and remotely access different computers at the same time. The maximum number of simultaneous connections is limited by available memory and CPU speed. Due to its low footprint, it will handle 10 (or more) simultaneous connections without problems with current hardware. No configuration is necessaryYesYes
A remote computer can be connected simultaneously by multiple clients.YesYes
Supports multiple monitors (up to 10) on the remote computer, you can view and work on any of them.YesYes
Simulates all keystrokes on the remote keyboard computer.YesYes
Wakes-up from screen-savers with a mouse-click or keystroke. Deals with password protected screen-savers.YesYes
Simulates the security attention sequence (Ctrl+Alt+Del) on the remote to enable logon and on the default desktop. All operating systems supported.YesYes
Supports User Switching sessions on Windows XP Pro and later (Vista, Windows 7, etc)YesYes
Provides access to disks, partitions, folders and files. The partitions or folders are not required to be open shares. Automatically resolve symbolic links and junctions, even hidden or with access restricted.YesYes
Remote files can be downloaded or launched in the remote system. Files can be launched as another user (equivalent to RunAs).YesYes
Local files can be uploaded to the remote system.YesYes
Files can be remotely zipped or unzipped.YesYes
New directories can be made and files and directories can be renamed.YesYes
Remote files and directories can be deleted, copied or moved.YesYes
Allows sending or receiving the Clipboard contents: text, pictures and other standard Windows Clipboard formats.YesYes
Provides disk partition information, namely File System, Type, Serial Number, Volume Label, Capacity and Free space.YesYes
Allows visualization of shares.YesYes
Allows visualization of users list and account details as well as Local and Global groups.YesYes
Allows instant retrieval of password hashes in 32-bit remote computers, for audit of strong password policy enforcement across the organization. (for 64-bit remote computers, see below)YesYes
Allows visualization and management of services. Services can be started, stopped, paused, resumed and even unloaded.YesYes
Allows visualization of processes. 32-bit processes can be killed. (for 64-bit processes, see below)YesYes
Allows remote Shutdown, Power-Off and Reboot.YesYes
System Information (Operating System, Processor, BIOS, Memory, Display Adapter and Logical printers).YesYes
Complete and detailed Hardware Devices list.YesYes
Physical memory viewer.YesYes
Ports Finder, which maps applications to open portsYesYes
Connections and Listening Ports, TCP statistics, UDP statistics, ICMP statistics, Routing Table, DNS Servers, Persistent Routes, IP Statistics/Settings, Installed Protocols/Protocol Details, Addressing Information Table, Net to Media Table, Interface Statistics/Settings.YesYes
Chat facility for conversation with a remote interactive user.YesYes
Provides antialiased scaling of remote desktop for comfortable viewing on the local computer. This is the best image at any scale when compared with any other remote access software.YesYes
Uses Windows authentication, which guarantees that only individuals with Administrator privileges on the remote system are able to connect (strong passwords are obviously recommended).YesYes
Can use strong encryption to keep the information out of reach from prying eyes.YesYes
Can request authorization from remote before initiating operations. Not enforced, except by Policy (AWRCP) or special version (AWRC).YesYes
Can show to remote when it is connected. Not enforced, except by Policy (AWRCP) or special version (AWRC).YesYes
Extended keyboard support and simulation of special shortcuts (such as Alt-Tab).YesYes
Complete processes information (cpu usage, command line, virtual memory, I/O counters and many others)YesYes
Shows last 5 characters of Product KeyYesYes
Remotely access, control and switch between RDP/TS sessions.YesNo
Remotely access, control and switch between Citrix XenApp applications launched from a Citrix XenApp server.YesNo
Automatically runs as 64-bit on 64-bit operating system.YesNo
Can record quality movies of the connections (with audio comments if desired), including pause and resume and quality and frame rate can be set. Movies are recorded in compact .wmv format.YesNo
Can record a movie on motion detection, suitable for surveillance.YesNo
Zip and Unzip is Zip-64 compatible, supports Unicode in files names and folders and is compatible with Unicode support in Winzip.YesNo
Allows instant retrieval of password hashes in 64-bit remote computers, for audit of strong password policy enforcement across the organization.YesNo
Allows visualization of processes. 64-bit processes can be killed.YesNo
Information about monitor(s) on Vista and above (Make, Manufacturer, Serial, Year and Week of manufacturer and many other hardware details).YesNo
Full and detailed list of installed programs, updates and hotfixes, both for “all users” and for each user.YesNo
Remote Console, equivalent to Sysinternal’s PsExec in functionality but easier to use and antivirus safe (unlike PsExec, which is flagged as virus dropper).YesNo
High-end Ping tool, able to satisfy the more demanding technicians.YesNo
LAN Computers search tool to list the reachable computers, unlike ‘My Network Places’ which does not detect offline machines even after a few hours.YesNo
Can be configured to run under various feature levels in order to comply with an organization policy.YesNo
On multiple multi-monitor systems, you can view all monitors at the same time and work directly on any of them.YesNo
Impressive audio engine, fully controlled from the client. Full-duplex conversation, audio monitoring and/or recording. Allows selection of audio devices on local and remote computers. YesNo
Remote Registry view. Works like Regedit.exe. Accesses any built-in account without need to enter credentials. * For security and safety considerations, access to following capabilities will be restricted and discretionary: * Keys can be created, deleted, renamed; values can be created, edited or deleted. YesNo
Unlocks the remote computer without password. Wakes up from screen savers with logon screen without password.Yes (Version 12 and above)No
Extremely powerful forensics toolset, able to judge quality of passwords and trustworthiness of applications/OS facilities that offer themselves to store passwords.Yes (Version 12 and above)No
Access to Online Database of hash/passwords of more than 5 GB records in order to investigate strongness of Windows login password.Yes (Version 12 and above)No
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Security and military organizations in five continents use Remote Commander for remote control, intelligence and supervision.

Multinationals like Hewlett-Packard use Remote Commander for intercontinental helpdesk support..

Lockheed Martin purchased a significant quantity of licenses and granted Atelier Web Software the status of US Aerospace and Defense supplier..

A number of banks, including Bank of America, Heritage Bank and some Federal Home Loan Banks as well as other kinds of financial institutions..

Universities, libraries, museums, unions, Internet Service Providers, IT consulting firms, hospitals, etc..

"I have no words! I was looking for something like this for years ( at least ten), it is tremendously useful. And we will save a lot of money in PC Anywhere licences. Great work! - Tony Benois / ITS GM - British Aerospace Systems (BAE)"..

"I love this native code beast! Comes with me in all my daily service journeys (it is in my USB pen toolkit). Just a satisfied user opinion." - Tim Walles USPS..

"We are using your Remote Commander tool in our Help Desk here at the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB). It is working very well for us" - Myles Hodgson/ Energy Resources Conservation Board Canada..