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AWRC Download

This is an evaluation version for Windows 2000 and above (latest tested: Windows 11/Windows 2022),  32bit and 64-bit. The evaluation version will allow you to evaluate the software for free and has a 15-day trial period.

3 different AWRC builds for 3 different needs, download the one that suits your needs.

CL (Stealth Build).

This build is suitable for unnoticed remote monitoring. It may not be allowed to operate inside organizations for policy reasons.

Download AWRC 14.7 CL

Standard Build

This build always announces the presence of AWRC to the remote computer during the whole connection.

Download AWRC 14.7 STD

PB Build

This build always requests remote authorization for the connection, in addition to announcing it like the Standard Build does

Download AWRC 14.7 PB

Download Manual in .pdf format.

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  • PC compatibles on local and remote systems with Pentium IV or higher.
  • On the Local System: Windows 2000 and above (latest tested: Windows 10/Windows 2019). Works both in 32-bit and 64-bit operating system versions.
  • On the Remote System: Windows 2000 and above (latest tested: Windows 10/Windows 2019), except Windows XP Home. Works both in 32-bit and 64-bit operating system versions.
  • Your log-in credentials must have Administrator’s privileges on the remote machine or you must be able to supply a User Name/Password of an account in the Administrator’s group of the remote machine  (you do not need Administrator privileges to launch AWRC on the local machine).
  • Works in systems with the minimum RAM recommended for the Operating System.
  • Microsoft Networks, i.e, Client for Microsoft Networks installed on both local and remote machines and File and Printer sharing enabled at least on the remote machine.
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Security and military organizations in five continents use Remote Commander for remote control, intelligence and supervision.

Multinationals like Hewlett-Packard use Remote Commander for intercontinental helpdesk support..

Lockheed Martin purchased a significant quantity of licenses and granted Atelier Web Software the status of US Aerospace and Defense supplier..

A number of banks, including Bank of America, Heritage Bank and some Federal Home Loan Banks as well as other kinds of financial institutions..

Universities, libraries, museums, unions, Internet Service Providers, IT consulting firms, hospitals, etc..

"I have no words! I was looking for something like this for years ( at least ten), it is tremendously useful. And we will save a lot of money in PC Anywhere licences. Great work! - Tony Benois / ITS GM - British Aerospace Systems (BAE)"..

"I love this native code beast! Comes with me in all my daily service journeys (it is in my USB pen toolkit). Just a satisfied user opinion." - Tim Walles USPS..

"We are using your Remote Commander tool in our Help Desk here at the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB). It is working very well for us" - Myles Hodgson/ Energy Resources Conservation Board Canada..