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AWRC Pro Portable

Latest release 14.7

AWRC Pro Portable (hereinafter called AWRCPP) offers the same features and capabilities of the regular AWRC Pro version but does not require to be installed on any computer – just unzip to any USB pen or drive, to a memory card, to the cloud or to any writable media and you are ready to go.

In addition, AWRCPP does not use the Registry, all settings are saved in a subfolder of the writable media. And AWRCPP does not save any data in the hard drive of the computer it runs from, unless the user selects so – by default everything is saved to the media AWRCPP is launched from.

AWRCPP works under a concurrent use license model, i.e. based on the number of concurrent users running the program. For example, in a 2 Seat concurrent use license after 2 users have obtained a lease to the program, a 3rd user is not allowed to until any of the other 2 releases the lease.

Leases are obtained from the Activation Server across the internet, an internet connection is a requirement to use AWRCPP.

In general, AWRCPP will save you a lot on the cost of licenses, although there are exceptions, namely when many users need to use the software at the same time.

Where can I test AWRCPP?

If you want to test AWRCPP, please request an evaluation code with the form below. We will supply one evaluation code per organization/email domain. Email addresses will NOT make part of any spam list, will be used exclusively to send an evaluation code.

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