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Delphi Language tricks

Once very popular among developers, Delphi is a productive Pascal based programming language, sporting easy visual design and compiling to standalone .EXE applications. Nowadays, Delphi continues well entrenched in some countries within Europe and Latin America, but not so in North America.

Delphi is not an interpreted or jitted (from Just in Time) language. It compiles to machine code and the executables run very fast and without framework dependencies. Many well know programs have been produced in Delphi or its free cousin Free Pascal, and you can easily search the internet for examples.

But I will not engage in another discussion about programming languages.
I have produced a few Delphi experiments in the last few years, most of them triggered by the launching of the milestone Delphi XE2 release. Here they are:

1) Calling 64-bit assembly language functions lodged inside the Delphi source code  (i.e BASM).

2) How to use Assembly Language with Delphi 32-bit and 64-bit

3) Linking Assembly Language with Delphi Part I

4) Linking Assembly Language with Delphi Part II

5) Using COFF C object files with Delphi X2 and above.

6) Desktop Duplication API