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IP Locator FAQ

Q: For what kind of uses is AWIPLOC good for?

A: Among other things, you can use it to:

  • Analyse any kind of bulk list of IP addresses.
  • Locate your internet visitors.
  • Produce localized content for your website.
  • Redirect visitors of your web site.
  • Filter on-line credit card purchases.
  • Analyze web raw logs.
  • Produce spam-filtering software.
Q: For professional use, why should I select AWIPLOC instead of other concurrent products?

A: For many reasons. If you have experimented both AWIPLOC and other geolocation software you may already be aware of some of the AWIPLOC advantages:

  • Server and databases strong point:
    • AWIPLOC is very fast, it relies on a multithreaded in-memory ISAPI server able to handle hundreds of simultaneous connections. This is not Java or .NET technology, this is a powerhouse optimized for performance!
    • The database and ISAPI server are lodged in Atelier Web high-performance dedicated server, not in a shared virtual hosting with hundreds of other sites.
    • AWIPLOC supplies the response in a tightly compressed format reducing bandwidth by 90%.
    • AWIPLOC uses multiple fully indexed high-performance database tables for IP values, countries, cities, regions and ISP names all directly accessed without intermediate tiers. Each IP address information is retrieved in less than one hundredth of a second from the mammoth 2000 MB tables covering more than 10 million IP ranges (as of 25th FebruaryJanuary 2016).
    • AWIPLOC databases are updated at least twice a month.
  • Usage control and security:
    • Everything is transparent with us, you know at every moment how much search credits you have used and how many you have left.
    • Your account information is passed to our server strongly encrypted, you have nothing to care about third parties intercepting the account details and start using it.
  • Software development:
    • Developers can include the freely distributable Automation Server or .Net Library within their applications.
    • Developers can monitor the usage of their software for IP searching and refill their accounts only when needed. Purchased search credits have no time limit, you can purchase 10,000, 50,000, 100,000, 1,000,000, 10,000,000 or more credits and use them across a few years.
  • Web development:
    • Using the freely distributable Automation Server or .Net Library in Web development is very easy. We have included a comprehensive .ASP sample, but it works as well with any other script language that supports COM. Using the .Net Library you can also integrate it with sites built using .Net Framework technologies.
Q: What sort of data is sent to your server?

A: Our server receives your account code in encrypted format, receives a validation key that guarantees that only you can use your account even if the packet is intercepted, and receives the URL encoded list of IP addresses.

Q: Is your software safe? Aren’t you uploading a trojan to my computer? Aren’t you sending my private data to your server?

A: This sort of questions is frequent and understandable and it is not easy to demonstrate that you have nothing to fear. In the end, you have to believe us and understand that we are in business and want to stay in business. We know very well that such criminal practices do not succeed for long and even if we were dishonest we are not stupid enough to adopt them. If this does not convince you, then I don’t think anything else will.

Q:What do you mean by FREE for occasional personal use?

A: We mean that the average person is unlikely to use this software more than a few times per month. For them we provide an initial quota of 200 IP searches. When this quota is spent and more than 30 days have elapsed since the first usage of the program an automatic refill of 50 IP searches is made. When this refill is spent and more than 30 days have elapsed another refill of 50 IP searches is automatically made, and so on. This translates to a maximum of 750 IP searches per the first year and 600 in the following years. Professional users will find this amount too short, but it is for sure more than enough for occasional private users.