.Trust our experience in High-Power Network Tools and Communication Tools.


Network Tools

  • AWRC Pro – Atelier Web Remote Commander Professional:
    is a true jewel: AWRC Pro lets you manage and audit remote servers and workstations or provide helpdesk support within LANs and across the Internet without the installation of any kind of remote software. This is not impossible anymore!
  • AWRC – Atelier Web Remote Commander:
    The original and highly successful  Remote Commander. Nowadays, we recommend new users going for the Pro version.
  • Atelier Web IP Locator:
    is both an application and an automation server that allows you to instantly retrieve the geographical location of any IP addresses by accessing our giant 1400 MB databases.
  • AWFT – Atelier Web Firewall Tester:
    will test your firewall strengths against outbound attempts from unauthorized software.

System Tools

  • AW GoOn (this product has been discontinued):
    Working safely while having power to launch some applications with full Administrator privileges without entering any Administrators Group account credentials.


  • Atelier Web Capi Pro (this product has been discontinued):
    If you program for ISDN telephony, this is probably the best you can find. Complete working samples accompany the ActiveX control so you can immediately confirm how powerful it is.


  • Googol+:
    this is the Arbitrary Precision Calculator for Windows. Some people believe you can only do powerful Arbitrary Precision calculations running Unix-like command line freebie software. But we don’t need to pain.
  • Random Labs (freeware):
    Random Labs provides tools for obtaining and manipulating strong random numbers and to generate passwords and lotto random numbers.
  • Went (freeware):
    Went is based on the Ent MS-DOS utility that tests quality of random data.


  • AW Trader Toolkit:
    An advanced set of tools to help define a proper strategy to deal in the Financial Markets.