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Atelier Web Remote Commander

download awrcpIn a market saturated with all sorts of freeware and freebies AWRC survived because it offers real quality and value.
AWRC is used by CIA, FBI and many Police, Intelligence and Security organizations all over the World because it is the only software that allows you to access remote computers without installing any software on them! These days, other producers are saying the same about their offerings in order to gain your attention – that is simply not true, they always install some software on the remote machine or require some application to be waiting for a connection.

  • In addition, the Pro version of AWRC (AWRC Pro) is also the only software in the World that can remotely access Remote Desktop (and Citrix) sessions, and does it as easily as if you were accessing other remote computers (with the same full power and total control).

AWRC is also recommended for Helpdesk and Technical Support because it provides all sorts of technical information and means to fix issues on a remote computer, no other software offers so much.
AWRC is very inexpensive because a single license allows you to access any number of remote computers – most other companies force you to license every remote computer you access.


AW Evidence

AW Evidence is the easiest to use, no-frills yet extremely powerful, Video Magnifier, Video Recorder and Image Capture Software.
With just one mouse click you get it going: Mark the capture area and start Viewing, Recording or Capturing Images.

New AW Evidence - View, Record, Capture

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