Atelier Web Remote Commander PRO (AWRC PRO)

Please watch till the end, this is a bit long because there is a lot to say – only facts. no hype to make up your mind!


Comparing AWRC PRO with the others

FeatureAWRC PROAll Other Remote Access Software
Direct Connection without previous installation of any software on the remote computerYESNO
Access Remote Desktop (RDP)/Terminal Services and Citrix SessionsYESNO
Remote ConsoleYESNot available, or just a simple command shell.
Session Video Recording with optional audio comments.YESNormally not available.
Image QualityBest possible (WYSIWG)Usually poor
Registry View and EditionYES. Full Viewing and Edition capabilities in real-time. Access to all built-in user account Registry hives without credentials. Visualization of secret keys.Not available or clunky access through the Windows network registry facility.
Access to File SystemYES. Resolves symlinks and junks, downloads, uploads, zip, unzips, renames, deletes, copies and moves. Allows launching of files under any account.In every case less comprehensive.
Audio EngineYES. Fully controlled from client with device selection. Suitable for various purposes other than Voice Chat. Allows recording.Not available or basic.
Remote System InformationYES. Covers almost every aspect.Does not provide or pretty basic, even when specialized in remote inventories.
Network Information and Network ToolsYESNot available or very basic.
Full Desktop ViewYES. You can see all monitors at the same time in multiple monitor systems.NO
Connect simultaneously to multiple remote computersYES. You can connect simultaneously to multiple remote system by launching separate AWRC PRO instances. This way is much more performant and informative than swicthing from inside a single application..Variable.
SecurityYES. Can be configured to comply with every organization's policy, even the most restrictive.Variable.
Automatically runs natively as 32-bit or 64-bit on the remote systemYES. A unique network detection method, allows it to launch and run as 32-bit or 64-bit, depending on the remote Operating System bitness.NO
100% native, self contained, compact, safe code engineYES. The .Net Framework is not required at all and there are no external dependencies on libraries you must download to make it work. No plug-ins at additional cost. No crippled entry level releases. No exploits ever found. Extremely low size.Mostly NO