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Share-it – Order IP Locator

Pricing and Ordering

Online orders are fulfilled within 2 hours (including weekends).

Your credit card information is sent directly from your computer to Share-it, a trusted US card processing company fully owned by Digital River , via a secure (SSL) channel. All major credit cards are accepted. When filling out the form, please be sure to enter your correct personal information, item type, and quantity.

Note: You don’t need to purchase by credit card, Share-it can issue a Pro-Forma invoice and you can pay by check or wire transfer. These options are provided along the purchasing process. You can also purchase from a Reseller.

Class * Quantity Unit Price (USD)
Developer Class (Light-Use) 10,000 $19.95
IPLOC - 10000 IP Search Credits
Developer Class (Moderate-Use) 50,000 $59.95
IPLOC - 50000 IP Search Credits
Developer (Intense-Use)/Web Class (Moderate-Traffic) 100,000 $99.95
IPLocator, 100,000 Search Credits
Web Class (High-Traffic) 1,000,000 $399.95
IPLocator, 1,000,000 Search Credits
Web Class (Heavy-Duty) 10,000,000 $699.95
IPLocator, 10,000,000 Search Credits

* Class names are set to provide a sugestion of possible requirements during 1 year period. Since credits are not time limited you may save in the long run by opting for a higher class.