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Remote Commander

AWRC(Pro/Regular) 14.1

Release 14.1 of AWRC (Pro, Portable and Regular) are maintenance releases and address a number of small issues we were aware of since the previous major release.

You can download the PRO version from  here, and the regular version from here. The Portable release is available for testing upon request.


AWRC Pro 14.0

AWRC Pro is unique on its kind and has a large number of prime quality features you will not be able to find elsewhere.  This is serious professional software, hand crafted to minute details across many years. Our marketing is only made by happy customers, we don’t expose through Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

This new release of AWRC Pro brings the longest list of improvements for the last few years. Give it a shot then!


AWRC 14.0

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of AWRC 14.0 (This is for the regular version, not for the PRO version. The major update for the PRO version will be available within 2/3 weeks time).

AWRC is almost 20 years old and we are proud to keep it in pristine condition and with a young and modern looking – and don’t forget that in spite of its sophistication and capabilities it is able to connect to all operating systems ranging all the way from Windows 2019/Windows 10 till the old Windows 2000. We have customers from either extreme and can not abandon them.


AWRC Pro/AWRC 14.0

We are doing final testing on the new major releases of AWRC Pro (including AWRC Pro Portable) and AWRC. The general availability is scheduled for mid to end of April.

All purchases done from today (25th March) will automatically entitle to a free upgrade to major release 14, including all subsequent minor updates (14.xx).

Just stick with us and you will never be deluded!





AWRCP Pro 13.3

This maintenance release includes a number of improvements and bug fixes, in addition to the vast arsenal of many unique features.

When we say unique they are indeed unique – no propaganda, you can only find them in this software. In addition to unique, every feature is important, but not equally important for everyone as everything in life.

Please stick with us, we are working on this for many years to continue providing the best to the best technicians in the World!