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Atelier Web Life

AWRC Pro 11.7.2

This release sports a number of fixes, most notably:

  • In Full-Screen Mode, UAC freezed the screen updating.
  • When leaving Full-Screen Mode, the splitter bar under the row of small buttons disappeared.

We are projecting release 12.0 of AWRC Pro to be available by the end of October.

All new licenses of AWRC Pro (“1 Year/Major Release free upgrades” type) issued after September 23rd 2015 will entitle to the whole 12 major release. So, you have no need to wait till release 12.0 is out, if you are planning to purchase soon!

AWRC 11!

We have updated our well-known 14 year old Atelier Web Remote Commander (AWRC), placing it inline, as far as performance is concerned, with the top-of-the line, more feature-rich AWRC Pro.

A bit surprisingly, AWRC is still very popular in our range of products. The main reason being, that the newer AWRC Pro became too powerful, when configured without restrictions, and many companies believe that is better to kill the messenger than be aware of bad news on their security system.

Whatever the reasons are, AWRC is a really nice jewel that defied the proof of time and should be present in every organization’s toolset.

AWRC Pro 11.7/11.7.1

In this release we include a forensic tool that questions the usefulness of the Windows Vault (called Network Passwords under XP/2008, Stored User Names and Passwords in Windows 2003 or Windows Credentials in Windows 8, 2012 and 10). Passwords stored in there offer no guarantee of privacy and are a serious security risk. If something is unsafe it is better to know the truth, not pretend that all is well and request antivirus programs to flag our software as a hacker tool, it is not!

As usual, this release contains a few other important fixes, so you are strongly recommended to download it!

Updated 10th August with a couple of small fixes, the most important was failed compatibility with old Windows 2000 (some people still use it).


A nice tip

Today a nice tip for those who had not figured out how to listen to audio playing from media on a remote computer!

With AWRC Pro, It is very easy indeed. Just watch:


31st January – AWRC 10!

AWRC has been completely renewed and retrofitted! No, it will not displace AWRC Pro (Professional edition), this one will always have extra and valuable features to offer, but not everyone needs all the incredible power of AWRC Pro, most people just need the tremendous power of AWRC.

So, enough said, give the new AWRC a good try!

28th January – AWRC Pro 10.4

With this new release, when  the remote computer has multiple monitors, you can see all of them at the same time, and work directly on any of them. Just select “Full Desktop” from the Monitors’ drop down box.

There are also a fixes for a few reported bugs.


AWRC 10 on 31st January!

AWRC 10 will be launched on 31st January. This is a full code review of the existing AWRC 8.05, making it faster, more modern, and with a number of new features. AWRC is a great choice if you don’t need all the sophisticated tools provided by the Professional edition!



AWRC Clients – Important!

On 6th January, we have sent an important Newsletter email to all AWRC clients. However, many messages failed delivery either because the recipient changed email address and forgot to inform us or for some other conceivable reason (we could try to enumerate, but will not). This is normal to happen, AWRC has clients since the year 2001, many of them never contacted us again, others did a long time ago and even others allow our messages to go unread to trash or to the spam folder (this is regrettable because we don’t send many Newsletters and those we send have really something to say).
The mentioned Newsletter is very important if you have an “Unlimited Free Life Upgrades” license. So, if you have not received the Newsletter (but had the fortune of reading this post) you must contact us immediately.

Update 18th January:
The deadline for expected action is over.