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AWRCP Pro 13.3

This maintenance release includes a number of improvements and bug fixes, in addition to the vast arsenal of many unique features.

When we say unique they are indeed unique – no propaganda, you can only find them in this software. In addition to unique, every feature is important, but not equally important for everyone as everything in life.

Please stick with us, we are working on this for many years to continue providing the best to the best technicians in the World!

IP Locator 4.0

This release resolves both IPv4 and Ipv6 addresses to Country/City/region and ISP from a global database of 28 million IP ranges.
Queries run much faster in the new optimized server, averaging 300  to 400 IP searches per second.
Now, History is locally saved in a Sqlite database. This will allow customized data mining by power users.

Many other changes.

HTU (free)

This is a small free portable utility that updates the IPv4 end point for the Hurricane IPv6 Tunnel Broker.

If you are an user of the  IPv6 Free Tunnel Broker and your OS is Windows this might be the utility you were waiting for. We have developed it simply because we are occasional users and other similar utilities appear dated and broken, or we just did not understand how to work with them.


IPV6 Enabled

This website is IPV6 enabled!

If you don’t have an IPV6 IP address, it will not be a problem, you will browse the website in the good old traditional IPV4 way.
Either way the final result will be absolutely the same, so happy browsing! Just realize that one day the whole internet will be IPV6-only. When, nobody really knows but the IPV4 address space is already exhausted and the whole internet is moving to IPV6.