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Remote Commander

AWRCP 9.5.1 is available

AWRC 9.5.1

  • Minor fixes

AWRCP 9.5.0

  • Movie recording does not place anymore the Movie Recording dialog in a corner of the screen and relocate the AWRCP window. Now, the Movie Recording dialog can stay anywhere, even minimized. Moreover, the AWRCP window can be moved (but not resized) while recording.
  • Now, Downloading, Uploading, Zipping and Unzipping of files/folders on the remote machine is done asynchronously and parallelized (when the number of CPU cores allow). For example, you can download 10 GB of files/folders, zip the contents of a large folder and work on the desktop, all at the same time.
  • Logging of connections can now be enforced, in order to comply with organizations’ policies. The Log File integrity is monitored to prevent forging.
  • The Connection notification to the remote computer is now a small frame placed over the taskbar (defaults to the lower right corner of the screen). This replaces the alert tray icon from previous releases, not suitable for these purposes in latest Windows versions. This frame provides a hint identifying who made the connection and it can’t be closed either locally or remotely. In addition, Connections notification can be set in Preferences or even decided just before a connection. Previously, the Connection notification could only be set (enforced) by Policy under File/Administration.
  • A new Refresh Button is now in the File System tab.
  • In the File System tab, clicking the header to reorder by size would not¬†reorder correctly files with sizes over 2 GB.
  • Big files, normally over 1 GB, fail to zip or unzip on the remote computer due to time-out issues. Sometimes, time out issues occur as well when downloading or uploading.