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GoOn is fully compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 and 2008 R2, Windows XP SP2 or above, and Windows 2003 SP1 or above.

GoOn works under a special mixed mode that allows it to correctly launch both 32-bit and 64-bit applications.

The GoOn shared gadget works both with the 32-bit sidebar and the 64-bit sidebar, even in the same computer. The gadget is automatically installed (and launched on Windows 7).

GoOn works the same way, independently of applications requiring UAC elevation or not. No Administrator Group account credentials are ever requested to launch applications.

Applications are launched with full administrator privileges, independently of the Administrators Group account under which they have been setup to run. That account can be changed any time without need to setup again the applications.

Applications you select to launch can not be tampered with. Their integrity is verified once again before launching. Administrator Group credentials can not be retrieved by any known means. The password used to log in into the software can only be changed by entering Administrator Group account credentials. Extensive tests were performed to guarantee that the software will resist every form of privilege escalation attempt by malware.


Allows you to work safely in your PC under a Standard User account, but having full Administrator level privileges to any number of selected applications you could not run otherwise.

  • No UAC prompts, no Administrator credentials to launch applications.
  • Fully hacker proof!
  • Absolutely safe.

This is a real breakthrough, for the first time the idea works. We looked at all attempts made so far around this theme and none of them is either easy to use or safe, in general they are not both.

GoOn, targets both workplace users and home users and can be configured to provide the best approach for each case. It is extremely easy to use, in a few minutes you will be up and running.

You can launch applications in two different ways, through a regular application user interface or through an amazing gadget (Windows 7 and Vista only).


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