AWRC What’s New

Release 11.02 (23rd September 2015)

  • In Full-Screen Mode, UAC freezed the screen updating.
  • When leaving Full-Screen Mode, the splitter bar under the row of small buttons disappeared.

Release 11.0 (26th August 2015)

  • New image compression engine that provides both faster compression and significant reduction (50% or more) in the remote agent CPU usage. In most cases, under Preferencias, keep Compression Level in the Normal setting, even for connecting across the internet. Light Compression Level might be selected for very high bandwidth conditions. The Strong Level will not improve over the Normal level except under very low bandwidth conditions.
  • Fix for cases were the remote desktop image becomes garbled due to out of synch conditions.
  • The remote desktop viewer might sometimes continue black immediately after connection when the Rendering Scale was not set to Fit.
  • When the Rendering Scale was set to Fit, changing to a different scale did not properly adjust the size and position of the Viewer scrollbar thumb button.
  • There is also a new command line switch “/f”, that starts AWRC in full screen mode. For example: “C:\Program Files\Remote Commander\awrc.exe” /r= /u=Administrator /p=Mypassword /f
  • Fix for Ports Finder under old Windows 2000.
  • Adjustments for full compatibility with Windows 10.

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Security and military organizations in five continents use Remote Commander for remote control, intelligence and supervision.

Multinationals like Hewlett-Packard use Remote Commander for intercontinental helpdesk support..

Lockheed Martin purchased a significant quantity of licenses and granted Atelier Web Software the status of US Aerospace and Defense supplier..

A number of banks, including Bank of America, Heritage Bank and some Federal Home Loan Banks as well as other kinds of financial institutions..

Universities, libraries, museums, unions, Internet Service Providers, IT consulting firms, hospitals, etc..

"I have no words! I was looking for something like this for years ( at least ten), it is tremendously useful. And we will save a lot of money in PC Anywhere licences. Great work! - Tony Benois / ITS GM - British Aerospace Systems (BAE)"..

"I love this native code beast! Comes with me in all my daily service journeys (it is in my USB pen toolkit). Just a satisfied user opinion." - Tim Walles USPS..

"We are using your Remote Commander tool in our Help Desk here at the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB). It is working very well for us" - Myles Hodgson/ Energy Resources Conservation Board Canada..