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AW Evidence

(*Latest release 1.2/8th January 2016 )

It all started a couple of years ago as a personal project with the single purpose of magnifying video soccer games broadcasted by a known online gambling company. The video window was too small to watch the games properly and could not be resized. So we had a need for software able to resize the movie in real time so that we could follow the soccer games more comfortably. We could not find such software in the market and decided to produce it. Once we did it, we faced another challenge: When the video window was overlapped or hidden by other windows, the software captured whatever was shown in the marked screen region instead of the soccer game we were interest in. The issue might not be serious for people with multiple monitors, they can place the software in a second monitor and watch the game from there, even in full screen if they desire so. But most people have only one monitor. We worked on that problem for a while and sorted it out. Later we found that almost no other software is able to capture behind hidden or overlapped windows, and those that do it are really clunky.
At this point, we concluded we had a piece software that might be of interest to thousands of people, so added recording capabilities and other functionality. AW Evidence was born this way.

AW Evidence is the easiest to use, no-frills yet extremely powerful, Video Magnifier, Video Recorder and Image Capture Software.

1) Magnify everything in real time, movies, images, text or anything else, up to full screen.

2) Record movies, images, text or anything else in its original size, with or without mouse cursor and sound.

3) Capture images from anything on the screen in its original size, saving as JPG, BMP or PNG.

4) Capture in real time behind overlapped, hidden or windows that change place.

5) Capture directly from multiple monitors.

6) Can Pause and Resume View and Recording.

No more than 3 mouse clicks are needed for any operation.

So easy, have a look at the following video that sports how to use AW Evidence to capture a YouTube video (and the video itself was made with another instance of AW Evidence):