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Other Software

Googol+ 2.3.3

Release 2.3.3 of Googol+, the popular Windows Arbitrary Precision Calculator. Installs as either 32-bit or 64-bit from the same setup.

Improvement in this release (7th February  2013):

* Added an option to Next Probable Prime for searching only for a Safe Prime. Safe Primes are those where (p-1)/2 is a Sophie German Prime and have special applications in cryptography.
* MPIR Dlls are now linked statically to prevent requesting other Dlls not present in the system

Improvements in release 2.3.0/2.3.1 (5th and 6th February 2013):

* Added Next Probable Prime to the Advanced tab.
* Added the BPSW probabilistic primality test, for which there are no known counterexamples of failure to this date.
* Upgraded MPIR Dll to release 2.6.0 (functionality equivalente to GMP 5.0.2)
* On Base conversion you can select uppercase or lowercase letter on bases that use letters.