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Other Software

IP Locator 4.0

This release resolves both IPv4 and Ipv6 addresses to Country/City/region and ISP from a global database of 28 million IP ranges.
Queries run much faster in the new optimized server, averaging 300  to 400 IP searches per second.
Now, History is locally saved in a Sqlite database. This will allow customized data mining by power users.

Many other changes.

HTU (free)

This is a small free portable utility that updates the IPv4 end point for the Hurricane IPv6 Tunnel Broker.

If you are an user of the  IPv6 Free Tunnel Broker and your OS is Windows this might be the utility you were waiting for. We have developed it simply because we are occasional users and other similar utilities appear dated and broken, or we just did not understand how to work with them.


IP Locator 3.5

  • Important fixes for users that depend on a proxy to use this software.
  • New extra-fast IP Location server, which nearly doubles the query rate,
    now at between 300 and 500 queries per second, depending on internet conditions.
  • Now, the database contains over 10 million IP ranges.


Order System – Now Fixed

Original text:

There is a serious breakdown in the main order system.

In the meantime, orders can be made using the Swreg system, from http://www.atelierweb.com/order-products/, bottom left.

We hope to fix the main order system pretty soon, but no exact schedule yet.

Update: Fixed.


IP Locator – 58000 new IPs added

Since early December 2014 we have been doing a large scale update of our IP database. This keeps it as one of the most accurate IP databases you can find in the whole internet space.

AWFT 5.1 (now Free)

We decided to make our well-know Firewall Tester (AWFT) generally available for free.

In this release we keep the same panel of 6 tests but with a few improvements on penetrability.

Googol + 2.4 (now Free)

We released version 2.4 of Googol+, now as Freeeware. As previously, it installs from the same setup program either as 32-bit or 64-bit, depending on your operating system. In the previous release, the 32-bit version might hang in factorizations. This has been fixed.

Googol+ is the only Windows Arbitrary Precision Calculator that does not run from a command line, so its use offers great convenience and user experience. Download it, if you enjoy maths!

New! – AW Evidence

Launched November 9th. AW Evidence is the easiest to use, no-frills yet extremely powerful, Video Magnifier, Video Recorder and Image Capture Software.