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AW Trader Toolkit for MT4 and MT5

Trading is indeed a game, neither a game of chance like the Bingo nor a game of pure skill the Chess. It is in-between, it is like a game of Poker played by professionals.

To be consistently profitable you need to turn the Odds into your favor within the realm of the Probabilities Theory. The term Probabilities is the Key!

Luck exists, like in the Lottery, we all heard about people that made huge amounts of money in a short period of time. Unfortunately, many of them end losing all of their profits soon. The smartest ones, turn into Trading Mentors and Affiliates of Forex Broker firms, or invest their proceeds elsewhere – they know it would not be possible to continue generating the same lucky stream of income from Trading.

Atelier Web Trader Toolkit (AWTT), provides the most essential tools to play this game, as you will see when we make the software available.

AWTT has been intensively tested for over a year, not only by myself, by my team and relatives as well. Although I trade for many years, I had never been a professional trader,  I always had many absorbing activities and concerns that distracted me. However, I started generating a good income with the in-house versions of this Toolkit. Other people, namely a very close relative, have been obtaining really amazing results.

For now, I will leave a few images of the program. We will be back soon!