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Tino Mendes


It is not the first time this happens.
A similar case, happenned a couple of years ago with AWRC (not Pro).
Early this week, a so-called cracked edition of AWRC Pro was available for download in at least 1 blog and 1 forum.
Do not download and run it! It was tested in a virtual environment, produces a runtime error after erasing parts of the Registry – the system will be damaged beyond recovery, the effects will be noticed when rebooting!
We asked those entities to remove urgently the file, but have no reply.

For your safety, always download our software from this website.

AWFT 5.1 (now Free)

We decided to make our well-know Firewall Tester (AWFT) generally available for free.

In this release we keep the same panel of 6 tests but with a few improvements on penetrability.

Googol + 2.4 (now Free)

We released version 2.4 of Googol+, now as Freeeware. As previously, it installs from the same setup program either as 32-bit or 64-bit, depending on your operating system. In the previous release, the 32-bit version might hang in factorizations. This has been fixed.

Googol+ is the only Windows Arbitrary Precision Calculator that does not run from a command line, so its use offers great convenience and user experience. Download it, if you enjoy maths!

Video Demo

Hello All,

You can find below a YouTube video that demonstrates some of the capabilities of AWRC Pro.

These capabilities are:

  • Accessing RDP Sessions
  • Editing the Registry
  • File Explorer
  • List computers in a LAN