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31st January – AWRC 10!

AWRC has been completely renewed and retrofitted! No, it will not displace AWRC Pro (Professional edition), this one will always have extra and valuable features to offer, but not everyone needs all the incredible power of AWRC Pro, most people just need the tremendous power of AWRC.

So, enough said, give the new AWRC a good try!

28th January – AWRC Pro 10.4

With this new release, when  the remote computer has multiple monitors, you can see all of them at the same time, and work directly on any of them. Just select “Full Desktop” from the Monitors’ drop down box.

There are also a fixes for a few reported bugs.


AWRC 10 on 31st January!

AWRC 10 will be launched on 31st January. This is a full code review of the existing AWRC 8.05, making it faster, more modern, and with a number of new features. AWRC is a great choice if you don’t need all the sophisticated tools provided by the Professional edition!



AWRC Clients – Important!

On 6th January, we have sent an important Newsletter email to all AWRC clients. However, many messages failed delivery either because the recipient changed email address and forgot to inform us or for some other conceivable reason (we could try to enumerate, but will not). This is normal to happen, AWRC has clients since the year 2001, many of them never contacted us again, others did a long time ago and even others allow our messages to go unread to trash or to the spam folder (this is regrettable because we don’t send many Newsletters and those we send have really something to say).
The mentioned Newsletter is very important if you have an “Unlimited Free Life Upgrades” license. So, if you have not received the Newsletter (but had the fortune of reading this post) you must contact us immediately.

Update 18th January:
The deadline for expected action is over.


New! – AW Evidence

Launched November 9th. AW Evidence is the easiest to use, no-frills yet extremely powerful, Video Magnifier, Video Recorder and Image Capture Software.

AWRC Pro 10.2

Released 21st October. Most significant changes are: 1) Recorded movies have now much better quality. 2) Fixed an error, requiring the re-installation of the software, that appeared occasionally when running multiple instances of AWRC Pro.

The new AWRC

It is true, after almost one and a half years where we had not updated the twelve years old AWRC (Atelier Web Remote Commander), a new release will be coming soon.

Of course, it will not be near as powerful as AWRC Pro (Atelier Web Remote Commander Professional), but the core functionality will be there and will continue to be a great acquisition.

PS: By the time the new AWRC is released, its price will be adjusted. Consider purchasing now!