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IP Locator 4.0

This release resolves both IPv4 and Ipv6 addresses to Country/City/region and ISP from a global database of 28 million IP ranges.
Queries run much faster in the new optimized server, averaging 300  to 400 IP searches per second.
Now, History is locally saved in a Sqlite database. This will allow customized data mining by power users.

Many other changes.

HTU (free)

This is a small free portable utility that updates the IPv4 end point for the Hurricane IPv6 Tunnel Broker.

If you are an user of the  IPv6 Free Tunnel Broker and your OS is Windows this might be the utility you were waiting for. We have developed it simply because we are occasional users and other similar utilities appear dated and broken, or we just did not understand how to work with them.


AWRC Pro 12.3

This is a really important release, you will indeed perceive the benefits, so don’t miss it.

– Further improvements in the image compression engine provide faster and higher compression and even more reduction in the remote CPU usage. This works for all levels (Light, Normal and Strong). Now, Light and Normal levels should perform well under most conditions, even across the internet.
– Fixed: The point where you produce a mouse click on the local viewer may not have the same exact corresponding point on the remote computer. This was clearly noticeable on very slow connections.
– Fixed: In Full-Screen mode the mouse wheel was not working.
– Improvements in LM Hashes calculation.

IPV6 Enabled

This website is IPV6 enabled!

If you don’t have an IPV6 IP address, it will not be a problem, you will browse the website in the good old traditional IPV4 way.
Either way the final result will be absolutely the same, so happy browsing! Just realize that one day the whole internet will be IPV6-only. When, nobody really knows but the IPV4 address space is already exhausted and the whole internet is moving to IPV6.

New Tools Section

We are pleased to announce the general availability of our Tools Section, which you can use totally for free.

Currently, the Tools are:

  1. IP Database Search – Up to 200 IP Search Queries per day from our Online Database – one of the most accurate and comprehensive in the World.
  2. Email Validator – You can verify that an email address is valid before spending time answering, or you can clean an email list. All is done without sending an email to the recipient. This is an extremely useful tool. Currently we allow 20 queries per day.
  3. Windows Passwords – You can find in milliseconds what Windows password corresponds to a given NTLM hash, if it exists in out mammoth 205 GB Database with more than 5 billion entries from published lists of easy passwords, common password, English and foreign language dictionary words, foreign language common passwords, and also compilation of short passwords built according to various strategies. Hashes are retrieved with our software AWRC Pro directly from a Windows system. You can query up to 100 hashes per day.
  4.  NTLM/LM Hashes – You can obtain hashes from passwords and you can also verify whether a given password is in our Database. By default, you can also contribute to make the Database grow.

AWRC Pro 12.2/12.2.1

This release brings more power to the Forensics tool, namely in the internet browsers chapter.

Now, all http internet access can be made through a proxy, as required by quite a few organizations.

Many fixes and tweaks.

Update 21st March 2016:

Release 12.2.1 – Important fix to an error making the software fall to test mode.

IP Locator 3.5

  • Important fixes for users that depend on a proxy to use this software.
  • New extra-fast IP Location server, which nearly doubles the query rate,
    now at between 300 and 500 queries per second, depending on internet conditions.
  • Now, the database contains over 10 million IP ranges.


Month of new releases

We have updated the following titles till January 10:

AWRC Pro to 12.1 – Important changes and fixes (see What’s New for details).

AWRC to 12.0 – Updated to major releases, now almost on par with AWRC Pro as far as the basic functionality is concerned.

IP Locator to 3.1 – A number of fixes to make it fully compatible with recent Windows release, namely Windows 10.

AW Evidence to 1.2 – A number of fixes to make it fully compatible with recent Windows release, namely Windows 10.

Googol+ to 2.5 – A number of fixes to make it fully compatible with recent Windows release, namely Windows 10.

Random Labs to 2.1 – Access to Random.org to retrieve true random data was broken because requires now secure http (https). Other fixes.

Went to 2.1 – Various fixes.