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Atelier Web is a software development and consultancy firm established in 1999 by Jose Pascoa (i.e, myself).

Jose Pascoa

I was born in Portugal, and worked for companies in the Shipping and Defense Industries and for a Mining Corporation. In those early days, I used some of my spare time (and also company time) to build little software utilities. In 1990, I developed one of those utilities and it became somewhat popular in my country because provided an easy way to produce Portuguese characters in the MS-DOS boxes. Before V860  (this is the name of the little 100% Assembly Language utility), it was necessary to install a few programs to obtain the same end result, a real hurdle for non-English speaking folks. One thing I learned with the V860 utility is that to have have success we need to provide something people desperately need.

In those early days, it was not really difficult to receive free (I mean free like in free beer) press attention, so V860 was sported in a few newspapers and magazines and I was interviewed like a little hero.  I can say with certainty, that I was the first author of shareware in Portugal. My software was distributed by BBSs (Bulletin Board Systems), people tested it and when they liked it and decided to purchase they sent checks and expected to receive a keycode by return snail mail. This was the way things worked 20 years ago, because internet was very incipient.

Of course, V860 changed the course of my life. I was invited to write technical articles in the Spooler Magazine, the only Portuguese programming magazine at the time, and, of course, I continued to produce more and more utilities.

In 1999, I left my day job, started my own consultancy firm and launched through the internet a piece of software I had been working for some years. It was the Security Port Scanner (AWSPS) and one year later launched another product, the Port Traffic Analyzer (AWPTA). Both were good products and sold quite well. They don’t make anymore part of the current range of products because market conditions changed.

In the following years I launched a few more products and had also to find people to work with me because we became involved in new activities, namely training and tailor-made security software for an organization in the UK. At a point in time, we were a team of five. Now we are only a team of three, myself, Xavier de Matos and Euclides. “Small is beautiful” as Leopold Kohr put it.

Question What is the meaning of the name “Atelier Web”

Answer: Atelier is a small workshop. I believe developing software is a craft when is done in small-scale. We are craftsmen or artisans, because we are in charge of most, if not all, of the product. A big company like Microsoft has thousands of developers allocated to each product. They are not craftsmen, they are pieces of an assembly line. Of course, they also produce proportionately more bugs (no pun intended, I really like those guys from Microsoft).

Nowadays, our products and custom solutions may be found in organizations in five continents, including many well known companies, state departments and institutions, as well as in thousands of smaller ventures.

We invite you to stop in to get acquainted with our user-friendly and cost-effective software and to join our family of satisfied customers who know what it means to have dependable and easy-to-use products.

We hope you find something of interest and look forward to working with you.