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AWRC Pro Beta Testing

For the upcoming AWRC Pro release we will add full duplex Voice Chat (actually, not restricted to chat, it will cover all sorts of sound capture and playback, in both ways). When we do something we want to it in the best possible way, and this new feature will largely surpass what you have seen before and expect.

For such reasons, we want to test it in a large number of different machines, to make sure it works well for everybody. As such, we need to expand our existing group of beta testers.

If you have a computer inside a network of at least 2 computers and have any operating system from Windows 2000 all way up to Windows 8.1, or a Windows Server machine, from Windows 2000 Server all the way up to Windows Server 2012 you can be a beta tester. All you have to do is test the features and report back any bugs or suggestions you may have.

To apply for beta testing, please contact us through the Contact Form on this website.

The first AWRC Pro release available for testing will be distributed by middle of April.

Update 1st April 2014:

We are not enrolling more applications for Beta Testing AWRC Pro. Sorry, but we gathered more than enough volunteers. Thank you to all those who subscribed to this program!